19359 8'0" SLALOM

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Carve, drive, glide, skate. High line drives, S-turns, speed runs, power gouges...

The new Slalom is our performance driven midlength designed for Fall/Winter conditions, or wherever and whenever the waves get good. A perfect alternative to your log or fish, the Slalom excels in size, power, steep drops, critical sections, and round barrels at your local points and beachbreaks.

Matt has pulled in the nose and tail to create an outline with 70s roots and a slight step-up mentality. A single to double concave with a slight "V" off the tail bottom contour and a foiled rail profile along with a low entry rocker compliment the Slalom design. This effective combination results in a responsive board that will smooth out your surfing and allow you to easily links turns or make any subtle adjustments the wave requires. More sensitive than it looks, the Slalom bridges the gap between a shortboard and a traditional midlength.

Offered as a traditional single fin or with a Quad fin configuration the Slalom easily adopts to either fin set up and allows this functional versatile design to suit whichever surfing style you prefer.

The new Slalom lives up to its reputation as our most performance driven midlength that will handle all types of surf and excels in good waves at both point and beachbreaks. - Matt Calvani, shaper/designer

3/8" Bass Wedge stringer

#3125 Turquoise Tint T+B



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