20016 9'8" Mr. Rodgers

$1,670.00 USD

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Designed in collaboration with Bing rider, Mick Rodgers, the Mr. Rodgers is a Nuuhiwa/Rick Noserider-influenced noserider that is designed for ample lift while still maintaining forward trim speed and turning ability. The blended concave creates smooth noserides and control on the tip, and the slightly pulled in nose fits snugly in the pocket. The gradual curve in the outline compliments the turned-up rail-line in the tail allowing loose smooth turns and more control when setting up for noserides. The slight roll in the bottom and flatter rocker creates smoother transitions and improved trim. The Mr. Rodgers performs in a variety of conditions but excels in points and beach breaks, especially if there’s a little punch.

Average nose: 18”
Average tail: 16.5”

(2) 3/16" DW Stringers

1 1/8" apart black glue

Color TBD



Single Box