20734 9'8" FERAL PIG

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The Bing Feral Pig is a collaborative project between Bing head shaper, Matt Calvani and Mike Black, founder of Surf-A-Pig. Mike says, "I love the way a pig rides. In the beginning of 2009 I sold my quiver of "nose rider" logs in an effort to fund a new quiver of pigs. I wanted to see what was currently being made in the swine family. With the proceeds from this sale I went straight to Matt. At the time, I didn't know that much about pigs, but I knew Matt was the go to guy. Matt shaped me a beautiful board that treated me well. So well, I will not sell it. Enter August 2011. I have been exclusively riding pig boards for over 3 years. I approach Matt again. I ask him if we can put some kind of collaboration together. I feel like I have significant experiences that might be able to contribute to designing the ideal pig board, I feel like he has the skill and the foundation to execute what I am thinking about. I bring over many pigs from my herd. I tell him what experiences I had on the boards. Additionally I show him video and photos of how the boards preformed and in what conditions the preformed in. He takes it all in. We pass some numbers back and forth, and some ideas for the aesthetic of the finish. Matt gets after it. He shapes it. I am there and observe it all. I am so stoked and full of anticipation. Finally the board is finished. When I go to grab it from the shop... as soon as my hands touch it, I know it is perfectly balanced. Sometimes you know a board is perfect just by feeling the rail. This was that. I get it in the water. My first session was in thigh high pier dumpers. Even in these meager conditions, I knew this board was AMAZING. The next morning I get it on some clean waves. Immediately I felt this board was the single best board I had ever rode. By my third session I was beside myself with the board's functionality. This is the one board quiver. Matt is a magician. I never expected a board to ride like this. It seriously does it all. This board accelerates where every other single pig i have ever been on feels like they were dragging kelp. I didn't know it at the time...but now I do. Its kind of like being gluten intolerant. You don't know a situation isn't right until you get in the right situation. This board turns like a hot knife travels through roomtemperature butter. Typically a surfboard design does one thing well. This board does it all !Seriously. I am 205lbs and this thing rides the nose better than any board I have ridden."

Average nose: 15.75"
Average Tail: 17"

1 1/2" Balsa stringer, Clear T+B, patch

Cody- Bing Blue resin panels on deck

resin leash loop

glass on Bing Blue D Fin