21107 7'10" STUBBIE

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I wanted to come up with my own version of the classic round tail single fin stubbie shape reminiscent of the early 70s.


The board features a flat overall rocker with a slight nose kick. For bottom contours, I went with a roll entry into single concave into a generous amount of vee running out the tail. The rails are a bit harder than some of the midlengths in our line (ie the alpha pin) so the board tends to feel faster down the line with the ability to generate speed nicely but still maintains easy trimming capabilities. The board is designed for easy paddling and wave entry and ULTRA SMOOTH turns.The board feels like it looks. Ultra smooth. I recommend this board to anyone looking to up their wave count on an all around smooth riding single fin egg. - Matt Calvani

Average nose: 17"

Average tail: 15"

3/8" Bass Wedge stringer

#5497  MED SAGE Tint T+B



single box

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