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For years The Original Levitator was our #1 selling wider noserider. When we introduced the Continental model the Levitator took a backseat and started to fade into the distance. Knowing we had the basis for a solidly successful and popular model in the Levitator Matt revisited the design this last year and updated it to our new Levitator Type 2 model.


"I decided to take the design in a different direction and developed it into a hybrid log with performance characteristics. I wanted a board with drive to get around critical sections while maintaining glide speed, along with the ability to make faster tighter turns, in a sense I 'took the brakes off' that is common with most noseriders. I've added an edge in the tail that transitions to a 60/40 rail in the middle. I've maintained some attributes of the outline but made it noticeably narrower overall; especially in the nose and tail, while keeping its signature pointed nose. Having the wide point slightly forward still makes it an excellent noserider even with the narrower nose. Finally, eliminating the step deck allowed for more volume in the nose, offsetting the need for the additional width in in the original version."

The resulting Levitator Type 2 has proven itself to be an all-around square tail log that excels in all conditions, is focused on speed, and maintains the traditional attributes of a noserider.

(2) 3/16" Darkwood stringers

Medium Smoke Tint T+B



single box

fiberglass fin inc.