22027 9'2" OG NOSERIDER

$1,990.00 USD

The original Bing Noserider was first designed in 1965 by Bing Copeland and Donald Takayama for Bing Surfboard's star team rider at the time. This classic traditional surfboard was built for the sole purpose of noseriding. The Original Noserider today is still made according to the 60s design and consists of a deep tear-drop concave for lift, 5-stringer t-band ( 1/8 " cedar, 3/8 " balsa, 1/4 " black foam, 3/8 " balsa, 1/8 " cedar), a red and black high-density foam tail block, 10 oz. volan fiberglass and/or competition band upon request. This model thrives in small to mid-size waves in clean conditions. This is the Original Noserider that all noseriders have been modeled after.

Average nose: 18.5"

Average tail: 16.25"

5-stringer T-band

Clear Volan T+B

Wide laps


Blk foam Tailblock


CODY- White Comp band

resin leash loop


Glass on Red fiberglass fin inc.