22608 9'0" SPOILER

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If you’re looking for something that has the effortless trim of a glider and offers additional speed, drive and projection in your turns the new Bing Spoiler is the board for you. Matt Calvani has created a model suited for all skill levels that enhances your surfing ability by smoothing out your turns while providing constant glide and plenty of speed for clean flowing surfing.

The new Spoiler is easy to surf, provides excellent paddling and wave catching ability, and with plenty of foam offers stability, easy rail to rail transition, and drive and projection when you need it.

Design wise the rails of the Spoiler are a soft 50/50 entry rolled in the nose, 70% down 30% up in the boards center with a hard downrail in tail. This rail design provides plenty of gradual nose rocker*and “tail turner” low tail rocker. The bottomhas no concave in the nose and plenty of vee double concave bottom in tail. The combination of the rocker and rail configuration of the Spoiler translates into a beautifully foiled flowing design that provides fast and clean surfing.

New for 2024, the Bing Spoiler excels in the 8’6” to 9’8” range.

3/8" Darkwood stringer

Brick Red Tint  T+B



Futures 2+1

fiberglass fin inc.