22748 9'10" DERRINGER

$1,705.00 USD

The Derringer is Miguel Sinclair’s signature Model, which will receive a major marketing push in 2024. The Derringer is a hot rod longboard designed for good to advanced surfers that want to progress in their noseriding. The Derringer surfs extremely fast and loose. It requires a commitment to the turn and follow through. The board lifts well in the nose for noseriding and can outrun the section if you don’t think quickly enough, it does everything fast and is very responsive. The Derringer is flat on the bottom with less rocker than the Aussie Square. You’ll notice more curve in the outline of the tail that allows for quick directional changes and smooth surfing.


From Miguel Sinclair: “Unlike anything else in the Bing lineup, the Derringer is a modern Pig with the wide point back, a blended concave in the nose and a flat bottom with downrails in the tail for more release when you’re looking to crank a big turn or generate speed in tricky sections without running too far ahead of the wave. It was designed for anybody looking for a longboard that can handle steep pockety sections in addition to smaller days with less power.


Back in the 60’s, my father had a surfboard model by Hansen surfboards called the Derringer, and now after his passing I wanted to bring back the name of this board as an homage to him for teaching me everything I know about surfing.”

1/2" Darkwood stringer

#7477 Emerald Blue Tint T+B



single box

fibgerglass fin inc.