22835 5'6" TWIN FIN FISH

$1,245.00 USD

The Twin Fin Fish is the predecessor to the Concave Keel. Drawing on his extensive experience shaping shortboards for professionals and amateurs alike, Matt Calvani developed a fish design that combines plenty of glide with maneuverability and lightning speed. The Bing Twin-fin Fish features a traditional 1970s keel outline and the progressive rail of a modern shortboard. Characterized by its fiberglass keel fins (glass-on or box), the Bing Twin-fin Fish possesses the perfect balance of width and thickness for any size waves and is one of the easiest boards to ride. Please note that with any board that utilizes wide twin keel fins, glass-ons are the preferred and stronger option given how much torque is placed on the fins when turning.

1/8" Applecore stringer

#397 Light Olive Tint T+B



Glass on twins