22885 7'6" BULB

$1,440.00 USD

The Bing Bulb is the evolution design in Matt Calvani’s line that originated with the Mini Simmons, Puck, Dharma, then Swee’ Pea designs. After riding the Swee' Pea for some time Matt wanted a board that would lay on rail even more easily then its predecessors. He took the Swee’ Pea’s outline and added the double wing diamond tail (which gave the model its name, resembling the base of a light bulb) and pulled-in the nose and added a little rocker in the front 12”, Matt found the magic combination of glide and sensitivity. Though the Swee' Pea does have its advantages with the wider tail that gives you stability and lots of glide through the flattest of sections, the Bulb gravitates more towards a vertical approach and likes fast drivey roundhouse cut backs. The Bulb can be ridden with a quad or a tri-fin setup and favors open-faced conditions and top-to-bottom surfing. When CDM rode the board for the first time he said the Bulb is the model that bridges the gap between the shortboard world and the alternative boards. Ride this model 2-4” shorter than your high performance thruster.

1/8" Applecore stringer

Blue Tint T+B



Black Future 4 Quad

prod fins inc.