$1,610.00 USD

The BN Lightweight was designed to be a lightweight version of the Original Bing Noserider. The BN Lightweight incorporates the same noserider fundamentals as the original. The nose concave is the same depth as the original but instead, it is blended out the end of the concave to let more water flow through. This enables the board to be ridden lighter without losing as much speed. The model still maintains the 50/50 rails and reverse tail rocker, but comes with a standard [single stringer or] 2-stringer foam t-band to keep the blank light but strong, in addition to strengthening the fin box to accommodate bigger fins. This model is ideal for small to shoulder high waves and great for the traveler who wants to bring the Original Noserider but doesn't want the hassle of the weight and the glass-on fin. The BN Lightweight is by far the best lightweight dedicated noserider in the Bing line-up.

Average nose: 18.5"

Average tail: 16.25"

7/16' Darkwood stringe

#552 Tint



single box

fibgerglass fin inc.