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"My quest from the beginning was to make the ideal board for California’s point, reefs, and beach breaks. It’s has been a long process of making refinements, countless prototypes to expand the type 1 capabilities. The challenge was making the new version that can cruise and noseride on slower surf yet fast and responsive in steeper waves." This was possible with a long gradual tail rocker that starts from the middle of the board. This rocker is more efficient and increases the wetted surface for control and speed. I also pulled in the tail. The subtle rolled bottom and soft pinched 50/50 rail gives the board a smooth classic turn and glide. The overall widths and thicknesses are low compared to other Bing models in turn making it friendly to lighter surfers that need a narrower board to be able to carry. Yet the refined rocker helps heavier surfers create speed and control. making it an extremely versatile board. .

1/2" Darkwood stringer

#5645 Darker Khaki Sage Tint Bottom/Spray Deck




single box

fibgerglass fin inc.