23244 9'8" AUSSIE SQUARE

$1,605.00 USD

The Aussie square is a take-off on the California Square Type 2 with some distinct differences to make it more versatile in beachbreaks and steeper waves, it’s designed to excel in a more powerful wave and at higher speeds like you would find in Australia. The board’s extra nose rocker and narrow shallow slot concave allowing lift and hold to be balanced for noseriding in hollow pockets. The bottom is flatter with less roll going into a rolled vee while still maintaining a 50/50 fuller boxy rail, making the board more responsive at higher speeds and increasing drive and control around stepper sections. This board can also be surfed strictly off the tail if noseriding isn’t a priority. Aussie Square advantages include being very a good paddling wave catching model and the ability to ride steeper bigger waves with ease, it is a key move towards a more versatile refined rocker.

1/2" Darkwood stringer

#391 Avocado Tint bottom / Spray deck




single box

fibgerglass fin inc.