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Enjoy Handplanes was founded in 2010 by Ed Lewis and Kipp Denslow as a way to save broken surfboards, old wetsuits and production waste from going to the landfills. In 2017 Kipp left the project to pressure other adventures.

The mission is to keep broken surfboards and manufacturing waste from the landfills while creating products that are fun to use and environmentally responsible.

All Enjoy Handplanes are made with either old foam from broken surfboards, ruined blanks from surfboard manufacturing, reclaimed wood, compressed hay or Ecovative mushroom board for the core and neoprene from used wetsuits to make the handles. Enjoy specializes in making products from upcycled and ultra eco materials.

Each handplane is shaped and custom glassed with Entropy Bio Epoxy, providing a second chance to a once loved surfboard or wrecked blank doomed to the land fill.