IP 12936 9'6" ELEVATOR

$1,350.00 USD

– Sold Out

Fins: Single box, fiberglass fin included
Color/Finish: 2-Stringer (bass) wedge, gold tint T+B, patch, gloss/polish

This board is currently in production. Final details will be added to this board when it is complete (ie., color, finish, fins, etc.). Final cost will be defined upon completion. Price range is a general estimate from past boards to give you an idea of what the final cost could be.

1. When you reserve the board we will contact you to give you a time estimate to completion.
2. Once board is completed we will contact you with final details and with shipping cost.

Note: Things can change from the start to the end of production for a stock board. This is why we give full descriptions at the end of production with the final price.