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Australian surfer Andrew Crocket has pulled back the curtains for his second offering, Switch-Foot II. For those who missed his first, these are oversized, hard-bound catch-alls of the very best in surfing style and culture, both archival and in the now. Many readers will instantly connect with the aesthetic, focusing as Andrew does on color, verve, and character (as opposed to jocky athletic achievement). Subjects are treated in-depth, with the emphasis on never- or rarely-seen photography. Indeed, Crockett’s true skill seems to lie in his photo editing. Weighing in at nearly 400 pages, the covers house full length studies of proto surf traveler Peter Troy, the provocative designer Geoff McCoy, undersung shaper Dick van Straalen, and over a dozen more wholly rendered features. Editorially, it’s a magazine format, but a clear and thoughtful version to say the least. With a knack for surprise, there are some startling page turns here. I found myself falling into moments of professional jealousy on more than one occasion – a sure sign that the author is hitting nerves with key discoveries and overlooked nuggets from our hyper-studied realm.


  • 90 contributors
  • 368 pages
  • 1000 + unique images
  • 16 'Legends of the Lens' - 35mm images from the golden era of surfing
  • Limited print run
  • 100% independent and no commercial agenda