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An epic publication at 1550 pages with 5000 images, here’s the press from Pacific Sunset Publishing:

San Onofre is the most comprehensive study of surfing history and culture ever attempted. 

Simply put, San Onofre contains virtually every aspect of surfing history and culture from all over the world, including longboarding. From the earliest days of surfing in Polynesia, Peru, and Africa to today’s surf culture all up and down the West and East Coasts, surfers share a commonality in their interest and love of surfing culture. 

Everything about surfing is explored in depth: surfing art, music, film, literature, lifestyle, evolution of surfing apparel, surf vehicles, African American surfers, women surfers, and the impact that San Onofre surf culture has had on the world.

Nearly 200 contributors, including world famous surfing personalities like:  Paul Strauch, Mickey Munoz, Corkey Carroll, Joyce Hoffman, Mike Doyle, Jericho Poppler, Keith Malloy, Steve Pezman, Glenn Hening, Steve & Barrie Boehne, Tom Morey, John Severson, Bill Stewart, Bing Copeland, Tom Pōhaku Stone, and many more. 

But, the real stars of the story are the countless “Regular Joe” type longboarders. Surfers, like Jim Irwin, Steve Hops, Tracy Peterson, Jen Cuda, Johnny Tracy, Evie Fletcher, Hal Landis, Bobby Jacobs, Ted Nicholson, Gene Peterson, and Bob Fitzgerald and countless others. They were the surfers that created the aloha spirit that is a trademark of the San Onofre lifestyle. My oral digital histories of those pioneers are the centerpiece of my narrative.

Nearly 5000 illustrations, including hundreds from the personal photo albums of California’s pioneer surfers who established surfing as California’s trademark sport as early as the 1930s and ‘40s.

These photos were never before seen by the public and form the centerpiece of my narrative. And these rare photos also make up the centerpiece of my narrative.