A spin-off of the original Bing Bonzer, Matt Calvani drew from his extensive shortboard shaping background and discovered that with a keel twinzer (quad) setup in combination with the deep double-concaves of a Bonzer, he could simulate the turning characteristics of a thruster shortboard but maintain the speed of a quad fish.  This model gives you similar advantages to a fish’s glide and speed, while giving you the control, maneuverability and responsiveness of a thruster.  Like all Bonzer-style boards, this model requires some power in the waves, but the keel twinzer setup is ideal for small to medium days when you don’t need all the drag of the 5-fin setup.  Then the 5-fin Synchronizer setup will handle anything from head high to triple overhead.  The convertible fin setup on this model makes this 2-in-1 surfboard ideal for travel.  Average nose: 14 ¾” Average tail: 15 ½”